Architectural Sidewall Bar Grilles & Registers with Removable Core

Airvector®’s ARCH Series Architectural Linear Bar Grilles & Registers perfectly combine performance and look. Neck-mounted with removable core and no apparent screw holes, those high quality bar grilles offer an aesthetical appeal while being easier to clean and maintain.

Series ARCH are designed for sidewall installation in high-end residential and commercial applications and are recommended for supplying heated, ventilated or cooled air and for returning or exhausting room air.

Airvector® Bar Grilles are fabricated of high-quality aluminum extrusions and can be provided with various powder coated colors and finishes. Components are mechanically interlocked for a blemish-free appearance.


  • Neck-mounted, no apparent screw holes.
  • Removable core for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Extruded aluminum construction and mechanical assembly.
  • Available in Mill, Anodized, Powder Coated and Brushed & Lacquered (other colors and finishes available upon request).


ARCH Supply & Return Grille

1/2″ Spacing, 1/4″ Fin

0° Degree Deflection

Grille only, no volume adjustment damper.

ARCH7 Supply and Return Register

Supplied with pre-mounted Opposed Blade Damper.