PPI – Invertible Side Swing Door

The removable PPI model is a variant of the PPS model which is the recommendation of choice for all return access panel applications. The lift-off hinge allows the door to hinge either left or right even with a thermostat mount option. Indeed, the peripheral return air opening between the frame and the door make for a sleek and modern design that appeals to the eye. The access door has acoustical lining to absorb internal noise and attenuate its transmission to the living area. It can be removed in order to access the filter and for retrieval of the unit’s compressor chassis for maintenance.  Three standard frame profiles provide three choices of width for the peripheral return air opening namely PPIA (1.1” wide ), PPIB (1.6” wide ), PPIC (2.1” wide), allowing the designer to adjust the free area to the capacity of heat pump.


  • No need to specify right or left swing
  • Sturdy welded construction
  • Made of galvanized steel 22 ga. default, other gauges (optional)
  • Scratch-resistant powder paint, white is standard, other colors (optional)
  • Heavy duty vertical hinges
  • Key lock and various quarter-turn latches (default)
  • 5/8” acoustical fiberglass insulation


PPIA   1.1″ Opening

PPIB   1.6″ Opening

PPIC   2.1″ Opening