PPU – Up Swing Peripheral Door

The swing-up PPU model is the most recognized model used to access vertical stack heat pump and fan & coil units. It is recommended for all return access panel applications that have a tight space requirement on the wall opening. Acoustical lining on the access door absorbs internal noise and attenuates its transmission to the living area. Door provides access for filter change and for retrieval of the unit’s chassis for maintenance. Ideal for tighter access in front of panel. Removable core is offered for tighter available width and height, see model PPU-R, in our offering. Three standard frame profiles provide three choices of width for the peripheral return air opening namely PPUA (1.1” wide) PPUB (1.6” wide) PPUC (2.1” wide) allowing the designer to adjust the free area to the capacity of the unit.

Door lifts off for easy access in restricted space.


  • Ideal for tighter access in front of panel
  • Sturdy welded construction
  • Made of galvanized steel 22 ga. default, other gauges (optional)
  • Scratch-resistant powder paint, white is standard, other colors (optional)
  • Heavy duty hooks hold door at top even with thermostat slots
  • Magnetic catches at bottom
  • Key lock and various quarter-turn latches (optional)
  • 5/8” acoustical fiberglass insulation


PPUA   Hinged Up & Louvered

PPUB Hinged Up & Louvered

PPUC   Hinged Up & Louvered